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Jan K. Hollingsworth, LPCC
9631 Morrow Ave. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

Phone: (505) 275-2584
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  • Awareness
  • Peace
  • Tranquility
  • Relaxation
  • Integration
  • Clear Mind
  • Wisdom


Awaken your fuller, deeper self through caring, mindful therapy. As partners in a journey of discovery, we’ll explore ways to empower, encourage and support your expression of what’s troubling you. Sometimes life brings us stress, worry, agitation, anger and self-doubt. Our reactions to life’s difficulties can distract us from the joy, peace and fulfillment we deserve.

The therapeutic process needs to be in a place where you feel comfortable, less anxious and more present. That’s the environment that I create through empathic and non-judgmental listening. My office is a safe place where you can feel free to talk openly about the most serious and private matters. A place where you can develop a new awareness of what is possible for you and the people you love. You will develop a sense of openness to creativity and hope in your future.

Mindful therapy with me is powerful. My clients benefit from my significant investment of time and resources in being a well-rounded, highly skilled therapist. When you’re ready to explore the issues that bring you here, we’ll talk until you reach a deeper understanding, greater clarity and more solutions. My expertise can help move you out of repetitive, ineffective and destructive patterns. You will need to work in therapy on understanding what causes you pain, the process of opening to that pain and to the promise of healing it. The healing begins with more insight and a deeper understanding of who you are now – of your thinking, feelings and actions – of your mind and how it has led you here.

I deeply respect everyone who comes to see me because I care about their life stories. I am interested in my clients as unique individuals. My compassion allows me to know their essence and be present to what is in this moment true for them. The causes of their discomfort and confusion become clear for both of us. My successful clients gain motivation to change, assertiveness, the ability to express their feelings, validation, clarity of problems and how to solve them. They make a commitment to the therapeutic process; they learn to trust the process and they grow to trust me and our relationship. Just as my successful clients have progressed in life, you, too, can benefit from our therapeutic relationship. When you call to make an appointment we can get started on your healing journey.